Little indie game developer actually focused on creating games for Android and iOS devices.

Two Hands Lab is the independent developer’s studio, settled in Poland, that makes its games available for free (commercial model is making games with advertisement). Two Hands Lab team is very small (now only one person).

Miroslaw Zielinski from Two Hands Lab has been an author of many games on C-64 and PC between 1995 and 2001. From 2001 to 2006 Miroslaw Zielinski (sometimes named “Zielok”) participated in the creation of several games but none of them was completed. So he decided to take the matter into his hands and create games yourself. Not want to create big games, but make "casual games” and the similar productions. Finally, in 2006 he’s back on the games producers’ market. In 2014 Miroslaw creates Two Hands Lab to make better games. Now Miroslaw (created on zielok.com label) games are assigned to Two Hands Lab brand.

Two Hands Lab actually create games for iOS, Android, Firefox OS and HTML5. But any new and interesting devices is possibles.

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